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Gearing up for the Holiday season

If your looking to give back. It’s best to host an event during the holiday season. Bringing joy and light to those in need.

The most wonderful time of year is upon us. Now is the time to get a headstart on the community impact you want to create this holiday season. While most of us are making plans for our families, it’s often easy for us not to remember that most of those in our community don’t have the luxury of making such plans for their families also. That’s one reason why this is a perfect time to host an event for your community.

While you may be rushing to put final touches on your plans for your family, It’s easy to become a victim of the commercial nature of the holiday season but the main purpose of all the celebration during that period is giving back and helping those in need.

At Social Impact Events, We’re opportune to partner with different brands to plan events that have the right impact on your community. Not only do you feel amazing giving back, giving back is a way to show your appreciation to the community.

In this article, we’re going to give tips so you can get a head start on your holiday planning.

Importance of planning your community give back for the holidays

While most of us enjoy the intangible benefits of giving, there are other parts of giving that are beneficial. It brings the spirit of love to a community and can also be a good source for publicity for an individual or business.

Giving back creates publicity for individual or business

It is important to start planning your event now event during the offseason because this would create an adequate amount of publicity for you or your business. It serves as an opportunity to promote your business and show the crowd the benefits of making use of your services.

Partnering with an organization or becoming an event sponsor is a great way to create exposure for your business, it also builds feelings of goodwill and trust which can help to improve sales and customer experience.

Create a team

Planning your event for this holiday season would impacts the lives of families. Providing opportunities to create change during the holidays. Your impact would bring a glimmer of hope to those families and put smiles on the faces of many people. It is important to create a team to help execute the event. Its important to make everyone on the team feel involved.

Generate support

Its important to get your team excited about giving back for the holiday. Allow your team to feel connected to the giveback. Create surveys or polls to get an idea of what your team would want to give back too.

If you find that your company is having trouble organizing your event. You can start planning your give back event with us at Social Impact Events we would love to to plan and execute your event. You can check our gallery of events to see images of what we’ve done.

Here are some of our past holiday givebacks;

Created an angel tree and was able to provide underserved kids with over 600 Christmas gifts

Food giveback for Christmas. We partnered with Wal Mart and a local corporate office to feed over 500 families during the holiday season

We would love to work with you and your organization to make your event happen this holiday season. If we are unable to work together at this time. subscribe to our newsletter to get tips on how to plan the perfect holiday giveback.


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