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About Me

My name is Quanisha, but you can call me "Q" or Tina. 

I am the founder of Q Impacts. Q Impacts represents my commitment to creating quantitative impact through meaningful projects that cultivate and build trust through servitude.

I have spent the last four years helping Nonprofits increase their Donor Database by over 30%. I help Nonprofits create lasting relationships with their donors. We have raised over $250,000 in funding for Nonprofits. We work closely to help donors reach their goals. After spending over seven years in the industry, I see the success that I have achieved in cultivating and building relationships with my clients. I would love to bring that experience to your organization.


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My journey in the nonprofit world began as a funder of sorts. 

I had the privilege of helping start a foundation at my local high school, which led to an exciting internship in the Philanthropy department of what was then Florida Hospital. From there, I found myself consistently on the funder side of the nonprofit equation. I worked for nonprofits that provided funds, and eventually, I had the opportunity to serve as a Social Responsibility Coordinator for the Orlando Magic.


Throughout my career, I have also had the privilege of working with numerous businesses, assisting them in creating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that provided vital funding for nonprofits. These experiences have shaped my understanding of the needs and expectations of both donors and nonprofits.

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Now, as the founder of  Q Impacts

I bring all the lessons learned from my diverse background to the nonprofit sector through Relationship Management advisory, Donor Relations, and Donor development services. I have a deep understanding of what donors need and how they want to connect with nonprofits, as well as the importance of finding a return on investment (ROI) that works for both the donor and the nonprofit.


My passion lies in empowering nonprofits to achieve their fundraising goals and create lasting impact. Through Relationship Management advisory services and Donor relations strategies, my team and I work closely with nonprofits to cultivate meaningful relationships, develop effective Stewardship, and maximize their Donor- centric planning to help your Nonprofit succeed.


I am thrilled to bring my expertise, insights, and dedication to your team. At Q Impacts, we are committed to helping nonprofits thrive, communities flourish, and positive change become a reality. Together, let's create a future where nonprofits reach new heights and make a transformative impact on the world.



"I don't know anyone who works harder to deliver on the intended outcomes. Tina can do it all! She networked great relationships for our non profit, she helped us raise more funds in a single event then we've ever done in history, she coordinated a beautiful fundraising event and did so with a smile, grace, and high respect. Her work is unmatched."

- Aminah Harris, Elevations Scholars

Let's work together

& make amazing things happen

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