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At the heart of successful fundraising lies the power of human connection. Understanding this, we focus on cultivating deep, meaningful relationships between your organization and your donors.


Whether you're seeking to attract new donors or deepen engagement with your existing supporters, our bespoke strategies are tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives.


Relationship Management Advisory

As a Relationship Management Advisor specializing in Donor Relationships and Idea Creation, we are dedicated to partnering with our clients, walking alongside them every step of the way to guide and support their Donor-centric initiatives, which will, in turn, help them achieve their Fundraising goals. Some of the services we provide:


  • Training New Development Directors in Donor Relationships

  • Developing a Stewardship plan with accountability

  • Developing Donor Relations Strategies to increase Donor Database


At Q Impacts, we specialize in Donor Relations. We are deeply committed to helping our clients cultivate and strengthen relationships with new and existing donors, leveraging strategic engagement strategies to maximize giving and ensure sustainable growth for their organizations.


With our unique 5-step process, we provide actionable strategies and expert guidance to help our clients attract and maintain donors, fostering sustainable growth for their organizations. Here are a few of the services we provide:


  • Increasing Donor Database

  • Contracted Donor Developer

  • Stewardship development

  • Relationship Cultivation

Donor Relations

Fundraising Events

Fundraising Events 

Fundraising events offer a world of opportunities, as they provide a platform to create lasting connections, engage supporters, and generate crucial resources to fuel your organization's mission. Whether you are looking to review your events to see if they are still profitable to Event Idea Creation. Here are the services we provide:


  • Idea Creation

  • Event Redesign planning

  • Event outline Planning

  • Sponsorship Management

  • Event Design

  • Day of Event Management


We offer a range of customized courses specifically designed to address the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Whether your board requires comprehensive training on effective fundraising strategies, our tailored-made courses are meticulously crafted to meet your specific requirements. List of courses we provide:


  • Fundraising Made Easy - "Board Member Edition"

    • We help your board see the importance of Fundraising, and we meet your board where they are.

  • Donor Development Training Course

    • We walk your new hire on how to engage and maintain donor relationships.


Don't miss out on the chance to unlock the full potential of your fundraising efforts!
Book a consultation with us today, and let's discuss your unique fundraising goals, challenges, and aspirations, so we can collaborate on a tailored strategy that will drive your organization forward.


"I can say working with Si Events has been a very pleasant experience. I couldn't have ask for better coordination leading up to the actual event. There was attention to detail and a push for new suggestions, whcih was very beneficial in heping with the event. Being that this was BAM'S first event, showing a path and holding people accoutnable is what heled things run very smoothly. The day of the event couldn't have turned out more perfect. I would recommend Si Events to anyone."

- Cameron Hoskins, Black Architects in the Making

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