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Fundraising Mom Made Easy: How to Navigate Fundamental Fundraising Challenges

May is a month when we celebrate mothers for their hard work and dedication. We appreciate the effort, time, and energy it takes to be a mom, among other things, including fundraising. Being a mom is a full-time job of its own. Adding fundraising to the mix can create a chaotic imbalance in one’s life. According to CNBC, 9.8 million mothers within the U.S. workforce experience burnout. The Civil Society reported that 26% of professional fundraisers took leave due to stress, anxiety, and depression related to their role within the field. Many fundraising moms experience:

  1.     Emotional Challenges

It is common for fundraisers, especially those who are mothers, to face emotional challenges related to their fundraising position, such as stress, burnout, and the exhaustion of dealing with requesting funds and facing rejection. These factors can take a toll on your overall health and knock your work-life balance off its axis.

  1.     Limited Time Frame Window

Many fundraising staff members have a short window of time to focus on all the goals they want to achieve. This can increase stress levels, cause issues deciphering what goals to prioritize, and make it difficult to manage these issues to host successful fundraisers.

  1.     Raising Money

Raising money places a lot of stress and burden on the fundraiser. This can have a negative impact, increasing anxiety and burnout as fundraisers exhaust every avenue to ensure their goals are reached. It can also create difficulty remaining focused or create issues focusing on what is vital to achieving success.

If you’re facing these issues as a fundraising mom, we have the necessary tools to help you overcome your most fundamental fundraising challenges.



As a mom, I understand the burden of raising your kids while still striving to achieve success in your career. Some days, it would feel better if you could find yourself on an island with a cocktail and a laptop, but what if you can find the balance without feeling the need to escape? 

Let us guide you on the path to success and help you navigate the challenges that arise with fundraising as a mom. We are an accountability partner, the woosah during a stressful work week, and the coach that helps you create a work-life balance. If you’re anything like I used to be and could use some positive coping skills and mindful techniques to help you cultivate a work-life balance, then we need to talk. 


With Q Impacts, success is yours with the click of a button. Click the button to register for a consultation today.


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